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 whos getting easter eggs then

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Eternal Chaos

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PostSubject: Re: whos getting easter eggs then   Fri 17 Apr 2009 - 12:06

well then you could give em to Admin,

the kids got loads this year, talk about sickening.

Give and take what life throws at you with a laugh,
coz it wont last as long as life itself.
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PostSubject: Re: whos getting easter eggs then   Sat 18 Apr 2009 - 12:24

I dont know how kids can eat so much sweets!

My OH's 5 year old tonight, was determined he never wanted his dinner (Spag bol). So i said he gets no sweets unless it is eaten. He fair scoffed it then and is now tucking into a sweet which he bought with his own pocket money!

We have rules in our house which are easy to follow.

1. Eat all your breakfast - Lunch - Dinner
2. Keep your room clean
3. Go straight to sleep at night with no messing around.

I dare say very easy to follow to get a sweetie! Plus they are only here a few days a week!
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whos getting easter eggs then
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